Month: July 2014

My what big feet you have...

Aliens in Pennsylvania

Today I visited my first UFO Festival and it was tucked away in the tiny village of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.  I’d been to Kecksburg before when I was writing the “Travelogue of Horror” book.  You see, decades ago, an object fell from the sky and landed in this offshoot of Mount Pleasant, PA.  The US military descended upon the town and… Read more →

Home to the Lords of Salem?

Want to buy a Zombie House?

A Rob Zombie house, that is. I just learned that rock star turned horror director Rob Zombie is selling his ridiculously picturesque home in Connecticut. I visited his estate in 2009 (from the street, of course) and was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more imposing. I don’t know what I expected… Maybe some skeletons or pentagrams.  Or at least… Read more →

Night of the Living Dead filming locations - Travelogue of Horror

Night of the Living Dead filming locations

NOTLD90, a fantastic facebook page by Jonas Barbosa which celebrates Tom Savini’s Night of the Living Dead remake, recently featured some photos I took when visiting the filming locations for Travelogue of Horror. You can check them out on FB or I’ll include a gallery below. These were some of the first horror movie filming locations I visited in 2009… Read more →